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We offer FREE Panchang as iFrame Widget for your HTML based Websites. Our Panchang Widget is automatically updated daily. Just Get the Code and paste the Provided code at the place you want to show panchang on your site. Free Panchang Widget in iFrame is the Best Solution for the Website and Blog owners to Display Panchang in their Site without having to pay a developer huge development Fee. If You want Panchang iFrame Widget customized for your Needs, Feel Free to contact us on

Blogger/Wordpress user can install iFrame Widget Plugin from wordpress site for our Panchang Widget. Or you can also do a google search on how to add iframes to Blogger/Wordpress site.

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Todays Online Panchang

Our Today's Online Panchang Tool provides you the information about Panchangam of the day. It Shows Tithi, Vara, Nakshatra, Yoga and Karana which are the Prime Five Elements of Hindu Calender & Date-Time system. These five characteristics are detailed for all the days of the year in an almanac which is called Panchangam (Pancha + anga) or "Panchang". These Elements & their Values in our Todays Online Panchang Tool are Calculated from the positions of Planet Sun and Planet Moon the two Prime Astrological Planets. Also these Five Elements of Panchang are used to know the Muhurata(auspiciousness) of any date and time for any work like Marriage, Vrata, Grah Pravesh, Laying of Foundation Stone etc. Our Todays Online Panchang Tool gives precise information of Tithis, Nakshatras etc as available on the web.

Todays Panchang

Free Panchang API

Our Free Panchang APIs provides the elements of Panchang in API packet, so that you can make your own Web, Multi-Platform or Mobile Apps above the API Layers, Currently it it available in JSON format (we are working on other formats also). This Free Panchang API facilitates you to easily attract more users for your app.
Format : JSON Panchang API

More Than just 5 elements of Panchang are Freely available in API form like Sun Degrees, Moon Degrees, Sunrise, Sunset, Todays Rahukaalam etc. on above basic five elements Tithi, Vaar, Nakshatra, Yoga & Karan.

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