Panchang APIs

Panchang APIs Plans available with Unbeatable Prices.

Free Panchang APIsand Paid Advance Panchang APIs enables you and your mobile apps or Web apps or Your Website or any other API consumption platform with a huge advange of not having to do bulk of sensitive deep and precise calculations in and around astronomy for getting the elements of Panchang in JSON API packets.

This Advanced Panchang API help you to build more attractive feture rich and flexible panchang apps/websites etc. for your visitors and users. We use scalable Servers to Provide you easy and Blazing Fast Access to data. Calculations of our APIs and Libraries have been checked and verified by many Professional Panchang Kartas, Astronomers, Astrologers and Mathematicians and have developed it with the combination of highly skilled Developers Team.

Currently we are offering three Pre-Build Panchang API Plans and one Customized Panchang API Plan. Refer below table to know more about the content of Output of these APIs. In Basic Plan of Free Panchang APIs, 5 basic Elements are Provided with Sun Degrees and Moon Degrees. In Startup and Premium Plans advanced elements which are more than just 5 elements of Panchang are available like Sunrise, Sunset, Todays Rahukaalam, Todays Chaughadiya, Muhuratas, Vrat, Sun Degrees, Moon Degrees etc. on above basic five elements Tithi, Vaar, Nakshatra, Yoga & Karan. If you want Customized Panchang Solution, then Contact Us



5,000 requests/mo

  • Basic Panchang Elements
  • NO Element Results
  • NO Email/Phone Support
  • NO Billing
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Rs. 499/mo

50,000 requests/mo

  • Standard Panchang Element
  • Standard Element Results
  • Limited Email/Phone Support
  • Billed Yearly
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Rs. 999/mo

2,00,000 requests/mo

  • Advance Panchang Element
  • Advance Element Results
  • Email/Phone Support
  • Billed Yearly
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2L+ requests/mo

  • Custom Panchang Elements
  • Custom Element Results
  • Custom Email/Phone Support
  • Billed Customized/Monthly
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